2013 July 27

Jerzees_Schoolgear_Boys_Blazer_29_126In the USA the earliest ever back-to-school shopping binge has already begun! Yes, just as our schools break up, the USA is shopping for the return to desks and detentions.  What’s interesting about this is that around 60% of shoppers for back-to-school items start their shopping online.

The biggest search trends are for: One Direction stationery, Messenger bags, North Face school backpacks, and personalised school kit and supplies. The One Direction craze is huge, with white T-shirts a la Harry Styles look and blue short sleeves shirts as worn by Louis topping polls, although Zayn’s trademark lumberjack shirt and quiff are the biggest sales leaders.

Messenger bag sales are explicable by the fact that tablets are the most searched item online for high school and college students – and a tablet needs a bag to transport it. Around 39% of consumers in the USA will do some of their school shopping online with 17% saying it’s how they do the majority of their purchasing of school uniform and supplies.

One way that many people prepare for the return to school is by viewing videos uploaded by those who’d already made their purchases, to hear candid reports of the items they bought, from underwear to school shirts to stationery. It’s turning out to be one of the biggest drivers for teenage buyers – and students are planning their shopping around the real time reports of others who are out comparing prices and trying on clothing, so that they can be as efficient as possible and still find stylish bargains.

2012 December 4

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson add up to One Direction and they’ve been the biggest celebrity sensation of the past 12 months. It’s not just the pop records that have catapulted them to public attention: there’s the third nipple (Harry) the illicit cigarette smoking (Zayn) having on-off relationships with Hollister model Eleanor Calder (Louis) and so on, but their fashion sense has also been a big feature of their success.

So if you want to dress like One Direction, the trick is to try and pick just one, on which to model yourself.

1.    Zayn is the most snappy, and most easily parodied, dresser of the group: black and white clothing such as varsity jackets, black leather jackets, plain T-shirts (black or white) and glossy hair gel are all part of his trademark look. Go for trainers, especially Converse if you’re aiming for the Zayn vibe.
2.    Harry has the funky oldie look down pat, combining grunge with fogey, go for button down shirts with cords, topped with a beanie and tousled hair, alternatively a tweed jacket with a heather sweatshirt underneath, worn over jeans with ankle boots will do the trick.
3.    Niall’s the cardigan-wearing member of the group and is often seen sporting his favourite garment over a long-sleeved T-shirt and relaxed fit jeans.
4.    Liam is a classic casual dresser, ringer T-shirts and jeans, hoodies and chinos, he doesn’t stray from the tried and tested recipes of simple, comfortable clothing.
5.    Louis is the polo-shirt wearing member of the group, liable to be seen in bright or pastel shirts, along with coloured jeans and he also has a preference for striped T-shirts and, worryingly, braces!