2012 November 30

It’s been a revelation, to fashionistas at least, to discover that back in 1969, Yoko Ono designed a capsule wardrobe for her husband, John Lennon, that included trousers with a sheer panel over the buttocks and a pair of ‘nipple headlights’ on a string around the neck! According to Ono, these designs made John wild with love. Now they’ve been made into a collection being sold through ‘Opening Ceremony’.

Does it help the average man choose his Christmas wardrobe?  Not so much, unless he’s happy to sit down for a turkey dinner in a pair of trousers with a white hand screen printed over his crotch. But there are a few pointers from Ono that are good to consider.

Her clothes, she said, were designed to emphasise Lennon’s ‘very sexy bod’ and men are increasingly aware that dressing well requires more than just clean clothing – understanding body shape and choosing colours that work with your skintone can enhance your general attactiveness.

Ono’s collection is largely black and white, and this somewhat ska palette has been neglected in recent years in men’s clothing but the ‘two tone’ look can be great – black jeans with a white hoody, or a white polo shirt with a white fleece worn over think black cords can give an impression of fitness and strength in winter that works well.

It might be good to stay away from the transparent bottom view trousers though!