2013 April 2

AWDis_Cool_Vest_82_281While the weather hardly suggests it, it’s been a week for wet T-shirts, six packs and tans. Ryan Lochte posed for US Weekly to promote his new TV show (yes, he has a TV show, to celebrate his Olympic gold medal, presumably) in which he stood on a road in a wet T-shirt with his muscles sharply defined, as usual. The series covers his clothing choices, training regime and sex life!

Meanwhile Andy Murray showed that he’s a true Brit by baring his own six pack on the beach and revealing an excellent semi-tan that stopped where his body had been covered by his T-shirt during his recent Sony Open win.

Both men had something that the average chap might struggle to bring to the party – namely an excellent musculature, but if you’re not the Olympic type, it’s still possible to pull off a good beach look:

Singlets or vests are a good way of covering a less than chiselled torso – go for a dark colour such as a navy blue vest and don’t tuck it into your shorts.

Talking about those shorts, while budgie smugglers may work for Tom Daley, most men will look better in a formally styled pair of shorts such as cargo shorts – even Murray went for the long look in board shorts.

And check out your footwear, flip flops don’t cut it – choose a good pair of leather sandals (no socks) or really excellent trainers in a neutral colour and again, no socks!

2012 August 14

Amid rumours that Ryan Lochte is heading for a modelling career, and a series of photo-montages of the Ab-lympics, where the best six-packs of the games were flaunted, mainly by men, it’s been a period in which the male body has been worshipped, in Britain, as never before.

So it’s odd that for the ‘fashion’ section of the closing ceremony there were eight female models and just one man. Admittedly the man was David Gandy, British born, and the pre-eminent male model of his generation, but why only one guy?

The answer probably lies in clothing differentiation. The only way to get a second male onto the ‘catwalk’ would have been to take an extreme clothing leap, like David Beckham’s sarong, because for men, clothing is limited and fashion clothing even more so. Gandy wore a Paul Smith suit, and if more men had appeared in other suits, they would have looked like they were escorting the women, not like fashion statements in their own right. The women’s dresses were all white or white and gold, or gold but were highly differentiated in a way that isn’t possible for male clothing.  Still it wouldn’t have been impossible to have a man in high fashion sports clothing – Stella McCartney is famous for her luxe sportswear, after all?

So what should the fashion conscious man be looking to wear if it’s not a Paul Smith suit? This year’s fashion trends are predicted to be gold, gold and gold, and anything that even passes for gold, so yellow polo-shirts, mustard-coloured cord and cotton trousers and scarves with gold detailing are all big for men. Also a key feature will be ‘flashing’ which is not running around with nothing on, but the effect that sports clothing produces when two different colours or textures are used to create interest when somebody moves – think about the gold details on the tracksuits worn by the Torch relay – that’s ‘flashing’ and it’s expected to turn up as knee patches on jog trousers and elbow patches on hoodies.