2009 September 3

pinkThe top polo shirt for autumn is tipped to be pink. Yes, once again, the pink polo shirt is appearing on the catwalks, often not as a block colour but in a striped form with a dark green or a light blue or in a three colour stripe with light and dark brown.

But the solid pale pink colour is still very much around and ‘pink is making inroads into male attire’ is said by no less that Vogue Hommes International magazine. So what does this mean for the fashion conscious man, or just any man who wants to look smart without looking ridiculous?

•    Don’t team your pink polo with red. It shouldn’t need to be said but it does happen that some men, perhaps the colour-blind ones, tend to wear red and pink together – it makes them look like a raspberry ripple ice-cream. Don’t do it.
•    Pink needs strong colours to support it. While you shouldn’t wear red, do pick strong shades to support pink – it looks good with navy, black or British racing green, so wear it with a navy fleece for example, but grey or beige will simply wash out the colour.
•    Solids and patterns. If your polo is a single solid colour, try teaming it with a pattern like herringbone trousers, a tweed jacket or even a marl jumper.
•    Wear it with confidence. Pink looks great on most men, but it needs to be worn with panache. Don’t hide your pink polo away, under other clothing so only the collar peeks out, wear it with pride, putting a T-shirt underneath if it’s chilly weather.

2009 February 16


You’re looking forward to a couple of weeks of sun and fun, and you’ve booked a place known for great beaches, clear water and fantastic weather. So what do you pack to ensure that you have the best possible holiday?

The answer is to travel light, but prepared.

Organise your documents carefully: you need passport, ticket and boarding passes, but take your driver’s licence too – you might have to hire a vehicle for some reason and without it, you’re stuffed.

Make sure your carry-on or overnight bag has your daily toiletries and at least one change of clothes that will get you through if your luggage is delayed. If you’re travelling to the tropics, this means taking swimwear, a spare T-shirt and shorts or jog pants, and a good ‘evening’ shirt for men, or a simple lightweight dress for women, so that you don’t find you have to buy an overpriced cossie or pair of trunks to take a dip. It also means you can get down to dinner on your first night without feeling you’re wearing the same clothes you travelled in.

Try to pack a wheeled suitcase as you often find in smaller island resorts that you have to carry your own bags.

Tropical climates are usually mild, but make sure you pack for a stormy day too. So as well as underwear, take two or three pairs of cotton trousers or jog pants and a couple of pairs of shorts. Six T-shirts, a couple of more formal polo-shirts and one or two good shirts will get men through, whereas women will need to pack a wider range of clothing – a couple of pairs of dark coloured but lightweight trousers can be worn in the day as well as with smart tops at night, a couple of short lightweight dresses can be worn with T-shirts underneath in the day to look more casual. Women will need one really good dress for casinos and shows, and men will need a tie and jacket.

You’ll need a lightweight, waterproof jacket in the event of rain, and a telescopic umbrella can double up as a parasol to protect you from the sun if you need it.