2012 November 21

Yes, no, maybe?  Not on the pitch perhaps, but there seems to be some evidence that sharp dressing helps with longevity in the job once a player moves into management.

So who succeeds and who fails?

•    Plus: David Beckham, looking for a new home, still bears the title of best-dressed man in football – and it’s not just his suits that help him to the top of the league. He’s had flirtations with skirts and leather trousers, but his excellent haircuts, good ink and ability to wear vintage jeans with plain white T-shirts have given him iconic status.  Will do well in management if he allows somebody else to do the talking!
•    Minus: Roberto di Matteo may have paid the price, like many before him, for following ‘The Special One’ whose Armani suits and superb white shirts earned him fans, female attention and the ability to shrug off Abramovich’s ire for longer than his successor.

•    Plus: Cesare Prandelli now Italy’s national coach, always wore purple when he managed Fiorentina. It’s not a colour for the faint-hearted but brave men might learn from him – audacity can work if you work it. His purple tracksuits in the dugout and purple shirts for press conferences made a flamboyant statement, bright polo-shirts can have the same effect for the average Joe.
•    Minus: On the other hand, Cisse, who got married in a red tuxedo in honour of his then club, Liverpool, pushes flamboyance to insanity and beyond. The Mohawk looks daft and the bling suggests he should be dealing on a street corner. Sometimes less is more and Cisse is more likely to end up in panto than management.

•    Plus: Gary Lineker made the leap from pitch to pundit with ease, despite a few rather dodgy fashion choices that he turned to account in his deliberately cheesy Walkers Crisps adverts. He’s managed to become a sharp casual dresser, a very tough balance, which he usually pulls off perfectly.
•    Minus: Owen Coyle’s departure from Bolton may have been caused by his legs – managers should not wear shorts! Underdressing and wearing too much fan apparel removes the impression that you’ve grown up and makes you look like a nine year old with a beard – smarter shirts, full length trousers and less club-based accessorising might have given him a longer career.