2012 November 26

For the first time in many years, this catwalk fashions for winter and through to spring are not youth oriented. Refined, classic, wearable clothing has been seen at all the fashion shows from Donna Karan to Louis Vuitton, partly influenced by the previews  upcoming big movies: The Great Gatsby for example, by the continuing influence of Mad Men and Downton and by the American Presidential election which drove snappy dressing and smart casual wear to the forefront of  newspapers, televisions and billboards.

To make the look work for you, focus on polish and sophistication – chinos look great with a classic, well-made leather belt, polo shirts in simple snappy colours work well with an investment jumper: go for a cashmere round or v-neck in pale blue, grey or cream.

For women, even an outfit as simple as jeans and shirt can be brought to a sophisticated pitch with a pair of good knee length leather boots, in a classic pattern and a rich tone of chestnut, burgundy or black. Stay away from patent – it looks like Wellington boots from a distance. Go for jewel coloured leather gloves too and a pashmina to wrap around a simple white shirt or long sleeved T-shirt.

Dressing too young is actually going to be counterproductive – the ‘resistance to youth obsession’ is being supported by many retailers, designers and manufacturers as cash-strapped teenagers are no longer driving the fashion market. Dressing responsibly and with presence is this winter’s top driver, and tousled hair, ripped jeans and trainers are likely to lead to failure in love and work.