2011 November 17

Hollister has become synonymous with twilight retailing: and teenagers seem to love buying casual clothing in such dark conditions that they don’t actually know what colour their new garments are until they’ve got them out of the store. According to the Daily Mail, parents are complaining about not being able to see the true colour or the price of what they’re buying, and even of losing track of their teenagers in the store.

The ‘greeters’ whose six packs are on display even if there is snow on the ground are also viewed with suspicion by some parents who feel they are tacky or maybe even that the young men are being exploited.

Even so, the Hollister experience seems to be a popular one, so what can parents learn from it about teenagers and shopping?

  1. Casual clothing needs special focus – because teenagers spend most of their time in jeans, joggers, hoodies and trainers, these, not party outfits, are the focus of their attention, and the party atmosphere of Hollister can make them feel they are getting more for their money. To get your teen to shop in less expensive outlets, or even online, arrange for one of their friends to come round, let them play loud music and lay on pizza, snacks and multi-player gaming in between bouts of online clothing browsing. This makes them much more likely to engage with the idea
  2. Colours matter – Hollister are coy about the number of returns they receive but it does seem to be the one part of the shopping process that disconcerts teens. Point out that online shopping allows teens to look at all the colours, sizes and options, to do comparison shopping and even to google potential purchases and see reviews on their wearability. This encourages a picky shopper to realise that they can spend as long as they like debating a black T-shirt versus a red one, online but in the shop it gets annoying to family and friends!
  3. Feed the senses – Hollister spray perfume around their shop and on their customers to make the experience memorable. Do the same for your teen shoppers by squirting the room with their body spray before they start shopping – believe it or not, psychologists say that a favourite scent can  prejudice us in favour of an experience by up to 46%.

2011 April 27

Have you ever had that experience where you see a fantastic item in a shop window and yet when you try it on, it just doesn’t look good on you? Most of us have been through that disappointment and it’s one of the things that can make shopping online quite stressful – bad enough to feel the let down when you try something on in the shop, but so much worse to feel it when you’ve ordered something and had it delivered and then have to send it back.

The answer is to put in a bit of research first. There are so many different ways of sizing clothes (even the New York Times can’t work it out) that it’s good try on some of the clothes from major brands to see how they fit you – that helps you choose the right size when you shop online.

Then look for an online retailer who’s been around for a while – there are loads of fly-by-night scamsters, often selling fake clothing, who vanish before any disgruntled customer can get to them to ask for a refund, so companies who have been selling online for several years have normally ironed out their customer service and are able to offer excellent advice: look out for numbers for advisers you can call to talk through your decisions – you may not need to use them but the fact that they exist is a positive sign. Google the company and see what others have said about them – that helps you work out which are the genuine long-term retailers who care about customers and selling really good clothing online.

Check delivery systems carefully, many small sites deliver only within their own national boundaries – and look at the delivery costs because often you can make a substantial saving if you shop with a friend and get a bulk discount or reach the ‘free delivery’ level.

2009 November 9

womans hoodieWhy not do a lot of your Christmas shopping online this year? You can grab some bargains as well as making your friends and family happy, and with the time you save trawling around the shops you can put your feet up and have some ‘me’ time.

While money is still tight and the recession still looms over us like a big black cloud, buying clothing online for family and friends is a brilliant idea for Xmas.

Why not get your allotment-loving father, or rugby-mad son a quality, comfortable fleece? You can choose one with sleeves for the man who spends all winter outdoors walking the dog or digging up his garden, while the sleeveless variety is great for standing on the touchline, especially if you’re hoping to be asked to play, as it keeps the core muscles warm while allowing plenty of body movement during the warm-up while you wait to be called onto the pitch.

If you’ve ever worried that your fashion mad daughter or wife doesn’t dress properly for the winter, then buy them a really good winter jacket, one that’s designed for performance, but also has enough style to be fashionable. Look out for the latest hoodies, which are incredibly popular with younger women and that are warm and comfortable enough for a winter walk or a few hours spent wandering around the High Street looking at the New Year Sales.

While you might not think young children would welcome clothing, if you get them all a nice plain white T-shirt or sweatshirt, and some fabric pens so that they can spend Christmas afternoon ‘designing’ their own clothing – it’ll give the grown-ups a bit of peace and quiet, allow the children to express their creativity and – who knows – you might find you’ve got the next Banksy or Armani in the family!

All these gifts can be purchased from polo-shirts.co.uk – they’ll be delivered to your door and you can stop worrying about Christmas before most people have even started.

2009 January 7

We recently ran a customer satisfaction survey and all those who took part were entered in a draw to win an Apple iPod. We are pleased to announce the winner as Alison Davison, from Newcastle.

We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the draw and to let you know how important your comments and feedback are to us here at poloshirts.co.uk. The results of the survey will really help us to improve the site to make the online shopping experience even more convenient for you, the customer. We’re proud to be a customer led business and hope you’ll stick around to enjoy the upcoming changes your opinions have inspired and continue to shop with us.

So congratulations Alison and many thanks to the rest of you who took part, we really appreciate it.

2008 August 7

Regular readers will notice that over the past few weeks we’ve been giving the www.polo-shirts.co.uk website an update and makeover. We’ve decided on an excellent new look – going from this:


To this:



But the real reason for our new appearance is that we’ve been working hard to please our customers. Now you’ll find it even easier to locate what you’re looking for and to place your orders with the minimum of fuss. We’d love to hear your comments on our new look!

2008 July 31


Hitwise has announced that www.polo-shirts.co.uk was a Hitwise Top 10 Award winner for the quarter April – June 2008. 

During this period, www.polo-shirts.co.uk ranked in the top ten based on market share of visits among all United Kingdom websites in the Hitwise Shopping and Classifieds – Wholesale and Relationship Sales industry. The Hitwise Top 10 Award recognises websites from over 160 industries that are leaders in their industry. To learn more about Hitwise and the Top 10 awards visit http://www.hitwise.co.uk/contact-us/top-ten-awards.php

2008 January 31


The annual Printwear and Promotion Awards are designed to recognise outstanding garment industry achievements in the following areas:

  1. Technical Innovation Award
  2. Customer Service Award
  3. Environmental/Energy Saving Award
  4. Promotional Product of the Year
  5. Garment Decorator of the Year
  6. Manufacturer of the Year
  7. Distributor of the Year

The Quayside Group was established in 1995 and since then the business has become a leading supplier of wholesale clothing. All the business’s operations run on e-commerce-enabled express clothing platforms. The Quayside Group is proud to announce that it is a finalist in two categories in the Printwear & Promotion Awards.


(sponsored by: Screen Process & Digital Imaging magazine)

The judges noted that www.polo-shirts.co.uk uses its online Satisfaction Monitoring System (SMS) to understand its customer’s views on the service and the products it supplies. Customers are sent a post delivery online questionnaire to complete and upon its return, SMS gives www.polo-shirts.co.uk a unique understanding of its customers’ feelings. It provides the company with vital information and helps ensure Quayside is constantly offering an unbeatable product range and service.


The Judges noted that Quayside Clothing has used the power of the internet to offer total convenience, easy ordering and outstanding customer service through its web platforms, which distribute products from JHK, Fruit of the Loom, Stedman, Fanshirt, SAF Organic Clothing, and print materials from Grafityp. Its web ordering systems www.tradetag.co.uk and www.polo-shirts.co.uk both use sophisticated search technology to ensure customers are able to find and order the products they need – fast.

The Awards will be announced on Monday 3rd March at the NEC Birmingham.

2007 October 11


Tesco is to become the first supermarket to sell clothes on the internet, a move expected to send shockwaves through the UK fashion industry. The store giant will sell around three hundred items of women’s clothing online and retail experts said the move, planned for late October, would worry other fashion brands in the all-important period before Christmas. It is the latest bid by supermarkets to muscle in on the lucrative clothing market, and demands a response from rival supermarkets Asda and Sainsbury’s, who both have own label ranges that are sold in-store but not online. Asda has already announced plans to launch a similar service next year.     

Professor Leigh Sparks, an expert in retail studies from Stirling University, warned that the move appeared to be timed to have maximum impact on the competition.  He said the timing was interesting because internet sales peak at Christmas although he made clear that there is a downside; customers worry about whether orders placed around Christmas will arrive in time – especially in light of the current wave of postal strikes.  He added that Tesco was unlikely to draw shoppers from high fashion outlets, because its clothing range had a different target purchaser.  

Tesco photograph by exfordy, used under a creative commons licence

2007 September 18

We here at polo-shirts.co.uk always strive to bring you the best service, and now we’ll be doing it literally. Due to an increase in web traffic we have decided to upgrade to a new dedicated server. With the dedicated server we will have total control, a vast improvement over our old system. We had little bandwidth, and combined with a recent sharp increase in web traffic to our site this led to sluggish performance and a few crashes, leaving customers facing a blank screen.

The benefits of the new server will be immediate and noticeable for any user of the site. Crashes should be eliminated, performance will be much quicker than it was previously and there will be far less downtime – leading to an easier and more enjoyable experience for you.

> – 1x Intel Woodcrest 5310 quad core CPU
> – 4x 160GB Raid Edition SATA HDDs
> – 3ware 9550SXU-4LP SATA RAID controller
> – 2GB RAM