2009 September 24

TR41500If you’re about to get a job, or change jobs, work trousers are probably not top of your list of priorities. This is especially true if you have an office-based job, where smart trousers or a skirt are all that you require, but in other professions, where some level of protection and performance is required from you clothing, such as working in a shop or factory, in an office connected to a manufacturing or sales outlet or where you are required to demonstrate products for sale, then investing a bit thought in your clothing choices can be important.

Perhaps those to whom this is most important are the self-employed and those working for small firms or family businesses. In these circumstances, the right clothing makes a real impact and defines the way other people see your company. A smart and professional appearance could help you secure more work but looking sloppy or even as if you can’t afford new clothes, can convince potential customers not to rely on you and that’s business disaster.

There are many kinds of work trousers, each suitable for different work situations. Trousers that work for a carpenter wouldn’t be right for a driver, while a plumber needs completely different work-wear to that worn by a computer installation engineer.

Those involved in building, construction, fitting and maintenance will benefit from trousers with lots of pockets for tools, gloves and other accessories.  Durability is also important as you may be kneeling, squatting, bending and stretching and you need trousers that can take such a range of movement.

Drivers and delivery people need trousers that are comfortable to sit in all day but still look good when you present yourself at the front desk with your delivery.

Many jobs require waterproof and high-visibility clothing, including trousers, to enable you to remain warm, safe and dry as you work.