2013 September 10

Result_Ski_Hat_30_362Be well fed

With Freshers week and people dropping in for drinks, drinks and more drinks it’s important to ensure you eat well. Buy a cookery book for students and use apps and sites like locare and locavore to get local information. Around many universities there are gleaning and foraging groups that a) seek out local free food and b) give you a chance for a social encounter with food at the end. If you’re inclined for that kind of activity, get involved early and you may end up fitter, with cash to spare.

Be prepared

Small change is essential for everything from photocopying to vending machines, so find a discreet place to store yours and hang on to it. Having a decent sized washbag allows you to be a good user of communal bathrooms – you can carry your stuff in and out without either getting it mixed up with other people’s supplies or unwittingly funding the entire corridor’s deodorant and hair putty habit!

Be clean
Flip flops for the corridors and bleach for the toilet will ensure that you don’t pick up nasty diseases through wandering around barefoot and can use the loo without retching. Your hall mates might not be as conscientious as you – try not take it personally and just be a good example.

Be neat and tidy

Wash your towels and T-shirts regularly. It’s really easy to forget about basic hygiene when you’re under pressure but being neat is part of the deal – it doesn’t just make you more romantically acceptable, it keeps your life manageable and allows you to take advantage of opportunities such as a last minute trip out to the cinema or an art gallery with your new companions.

Be accessorised

For guys, a couple of beanie hats, for gals, some cheap scarves – they allow you to hide greasy unwashed hair or drunk hair decisions like going blonde or cutting your fringe.

Be organised

By a clothes dryer – you can hang all your clothes on it rather than strew them around the room a) it stops other people sitting on your garments and b) it stops them getting creased.

2011 May 18

Alongside the launch of our new website design we’re making a few changes to our pricing next week. When buying between 1 and 100 pieces our prices are going to come down for the majority of products, in some cases by up to 20%. On some products though we are having to slightly increase our high volume prices following price increases from our suppliers. The products that will be affected by the price changes next week are:

Stedman Men’s Budget T Shirt

Fruit of the Loom Premium Heavyweight T Shirt

Gildan Men’s Premium Heavy T Shirt

Uneek Active Pique Polo

Fruit of the Loom Poly/Cotton Polo Shirt

Gildan Childrens T Shirt

Uneek Classic Pique Polo

Stedman Comfort

Fruit of the Loom Hoody

Fruit of the Loom Raglan Sweatshirt

2010 December 15

Though it is an inexpensive textile to produce, price levels for cotton this year are set to have increased by 50%, with the price of clothing by all major manufacturers being affected. The reason for this inflation can be attributed to several factors.

Poor weather in India

India is the world’s second largest supplier of cotton and this year’s poor weather has not only reduced the quality of the cotton produced there but has also hampered the country’s harvesting efforts. The lowest cotton harvest in 16 years has made the Indian government speculate on place a cap on cotton exports it allows. In addition to this labour costs have been increased fourfold over the past five years causing cost-push inflation.

Low supply worldwide

As countries like the United States and China have low reserves in cotton, worldwide demand for cotton is far outstripping supply. The worldwide decrease in the crops of cotton can be linked back to the financial crisis two years ago. In the attempt to earn more money, many farmers stopped planting low-value cotton in favour of more profitable crops such as corn and soya. Now that the weather has affected the remaining crops quality, retails have been left grappling for the remaining worldwide supply.

Exchange Rate crucial

For British retailers the strength of the pound has been of key interest as the great majority of clothes are bought from the Far East, particularly China and Bangladesh in dollars, but sold in Britain in sterling. The poor strength of the pound has meant that the price of raw materials and freight costs have increased for British importers of cotton clothes.

20% VAT in January

While there are all these increases in cost for cotton producers, VAT is also set to be increased to 20% at the beginning of 2011. This will put large pressure on clothing stores who already have very tight profit margins as it is. In an attempt remain profitable, big high street names like Primark, Next and Debenhams are all set to increase their prices over 2011.

2010 December 15

Our courier has today informed us that it is unable to guarantee delivery of goods before Christmas to Scotland and Newcastle. Due to the severe weather conditions that have occurred in recent weeks, Interlink Express have been unable to deliver goods, leading to the accumulation of a large backlog of goods in their Scottish and Newcastle depots. This has led them to release the statement that they are unable to guarantee delivery for Christmas in these areas.

The impact of this for polo-shirts.co.uk customers is that any orders placed now to these areas will not arrive in time for Christmas. In addition, those orders that have already been dispatched to these areas from our warehouse are likely to have their delivery times extended.

We apologise for this regrettable turn of events and can only assure you that Interlink are making every  effort to ensure parcels are delivered as soon as possible. If you are in the affected area and have any queries, please contact our customer services via info@polo-shirts.co.uk

The full Interlink Express statement can be read via: http://www.interlinkexpress.com/products-services/uk/uk_update-suspended_services_2.htm

2010 December 1

Due to this unseasonably early snow fall our courier is facing a few difficulties in areas affected especially badly. For updates on your area visit their delivery information page:


We hope the majority of our customers will not be affected, and we can assure those who are will receive their goods as soon as possible.

2010 September 24

 Well, in our new facebook competition it is up to you to decide! Late on Friday afternoon, I was presented with a mountain of T-shirts and the seemingly simply task of putting on as many as I can! So in the effort to bring you the chance to get discounts on your orders, I dove in and wrestled my way into as many T-shirts as I could manage. After 15 minutes of sweating and tugging, I finally decided to admit defeat and had my photo taken as proof of my endeavours.

So was this all just a bit of office fun? A way to get out of working Friday afternoon? Well, a little bit but we also did it so you can get involved. We are offering a 10% discount for your next order if you can guess correctly how many T-shirts I managed to squeeze onto myself.

To enter all you have to do is:

1) Go to our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PoloShirts.co.uk
2) Click on the photo
3) Comment how many T-shirts you think I’m wearing!

It’s as simple as that! The nearest guess wins, so head on over to the facebook site and have a guess. Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

2010 July 23

Polo-Shirts.co.uk is on Facebook! We’ve set up a page for our customers so that you can tell us what you think of our products, service and website. So why not give us a visit and tell us what you think about us?

We’re also offering a discount code to our Facebook Fans. Once you’ve clicked the ‘like’ button at the top of our fan page a code for £5 off your order appears down the left hand side of the page.

Join Polo-Shirts.co.uk on Facebook today

2010 July 9

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best value clothing on the web. In the last few months we have introduced our lowest wholesale price guarantee and Free Delivery on all orders over £50 to ensure we are second to none.

We therefore regret to announce that we have had to increase our prices due to all the major suppliers increasing the cost of their products. This is due to a sharp increase in cotton and energy prices, as well as the loss of value of sterling against the dollar. Unfortunately we have been unable to absorb this increase.

Although we have been forced to increase prices, we have taken steps to maintain maximum value for our customers:

Price Freeze on Bestsellers

We have frozen the prices on bestsellers until August 1st 2010 to give you an opportunity to purchase your favourite items at current pricing for as long as possible.

Price Freeze Products include:

Stedman Mens Budget T Shirts

Stedman Childrens Budget T Shirts
Fruit of the Loom Poly Cotton Polo Shirts
Tagless Premium Polo Shirts
Fruit of the Loom Premium Heavyweight T Shirts

To view all products in price freeze, simply visit the site and filter products that are available for express delivery. If it’s available on express, it’s in the price freeze. Buy before August 1st to take advantage.

Lowest Wholesale Prices Guaranteed

We will continue to offer the lowest wholesale prices guaranteed on our entire catalogue. So despite the increase you can be confident you still won’t find our products cheaper elsewhere. Click here for details of the guarantee.

2010 March 4

We’ve launched a brand new special offer feature, which we think is pretty cool! It’s entitled the random special offer of the day because well… it’s just that! Our sytem picks at random one of our special offers, and discounts it even further by a random amount every single day!

The best way to keep up to date with this is to follow us on twitter where we will tweet the offer as soon as the system picks it. You can also visit the homepage or go straight to the random offer page here

We’ll be launching plenty of special offers on Twitter as well as competitions over the next few months and would love to hear what you’d like to win. If you’ve got any ideas then give us a tweet!

2010 January 7

We regret to announce that prices of Fruit of the Loom, Hanes and Stedman clothing will be increasing as of today.

These suppliers have announced the price rises as a result of the  increasing price of raw materials and operational costs.

We have absorbed as much of the cost as possible but are now forced to increase our own prices on affected products.  These items are still available at fantastic value, and our low price guarantee still applies – Find it cheaper elsewhere and we’ll refund the difference*.

We always endeavour to keep our prices as low as possible so as not to affect our customers and will continue to do so in the future.

* Terms and conditions apply