2010 October 6
Autumn is the season to be snuggled up in front of a roaring fire with a glass of wine, or to be out and about kicking golden leaves on a bracing walks. Yes, we have decided that we love Autumn and that it is no time to feel depressed! So we’re looking to you to help spread some of our autumnal cheer and make people see the multi-coloured season in the positive light it deserves!
To help we’re running a competition on our facebook page to find the best reason to love Autumn and with a ‘Regatta Titan Breathable Lightweight Jacket’ (see picture) being up for grabs, its definitely worth entering!
To be with a chance of winning all you have to do is:
1) Think of a reason why you love autumn.
2) Write the answer on our facebook wall (www.facebook.com/PoloShirts.co.uk)
It’s as simple as that!

The winner will be decided by whoever’s response is ‘liked’ the most by other facebook users. So get thinking about why Autumn is a great season and share it on facebook for the chance of getting this fantastic jacket!

2010 March 15

The old rule about ‘if it looks too good to be true, it probably is’ definitely applies in tough economic times, but many people are being caught out by counterfeit goods, especially clothing.

Until recently, counterfeiting wasn’t as prevalent in casual clothing as in high-end designer and fashion garments, but the global recession means that almost every brand and clothing line is being targeted by unscrupulous cheats, many of whom chose to sell their knock-off clothing online.

You can protect yourself against fake clothing vendors by following a few simple rules:

1.    Buying clothing online can be a fantastic way to save money – but make sure you buy through a reputable online retailer. Counterfeiters choose to sell this way because it allows them to stay anonymous and the set-up costs of business online are low, so look for a company with a long history in retail and a good range of the kind of clothing you want to buy. While some retailers specialise in a single brand – especially of more expensive garments such as high quality jackets, shoes and trainers – and are perfectly genuine, an online store selling only one brand can also be a sign that a counterfeiter is using that website to offload fake goods, so be doubly careful.
2.    Look at the details – detailing can often separate real goods from fake ones. On brand T-shirts, for example, look at what the company in question describes as its ‘signature’ or ‘classic’ styling, such as where brand labels are located, stitching styles and cut. Often, even online, you can see where a picture of the goods doesn’t match up to the company’s signature style, such as a garment looking skinny when the cut is supposed to relaxed or roomy, or a label being slightly different in colour, size or shape. Counterfeiters can produce garments that are almost identical to the real thing, but most are just trying to sell similar looking garments as quickly as possible and don’t pay as much attention to detail so you can catch them out by examining photographs carefully.
3.    Ask for references – all good online shops have references and testimonials, but counterfeiters have become good at faking those too! Try googling the company and seeing what comes up: disappointed buyers often vent their fury on consumer sites or in online forums, while satisfied customers of online shops will also tend to enthuse about the good quality of their clothing, the excellence of the service and the speedy delivery. Use these online clues to help you decide where it’s safe to buy.

2008 June 27

We have been advised by several suppliers that prices are increasing. The products ranges affected are Kustom kit, Regatta and Gildan. We are holding our prices existing prices until 1st July, so if you want to avoid the price rises you can stock up now.

The reasons given for the increases are as follows:

  • Increased production costs partly due to escalating oil prices.
  • A weakening of Sterling.
  • Increased distribution costs.
  • Increased cotton prices.
  • Appreciation of Chinese currency and rising Chinese labour costs.

We also stock thousands of items with discounted prices in our special offer section.

2007 August 1

Record breaking mountaineer Kerry Regan has scaled 214 peaks, not much you may be scoffing, except for the fact that she is a seven year old. Kerry has been climbing since she was three and her achievement threatens only to be broken by her brother, already a veteran climber with 15 mountains under his belt at only three. Speaking as someone whose physical condition probably peaked at three years old and would never dream of approaching a mountain this is extremely impressive. When asked to put some of the outdoor specialists Regatta’s gear to the test Kerry was very impressed with their durability, comfort and the protection they afforded.


We have always found Regatta’s Children’s Fleeces and Waterproof Packaway Jackets to be extremely popular and it is good to know both an expert on climbing and a child agrees!