2009 June 25

uneek20active20pique20whiteAs Wimbledon glues every Brit to their TV set, just as the summer happens (all six days of it) so that we’ve got the choice of cheering on our great white hope or getting rid of our white bodies in favour of a tan, the white polo shirt puts in an appearance.

There’s a good reason for this, apart from the classic link to Wimbledon and the formal wear of the early tennis tournaments which required men to wear long-sleeved shirts buttoned to the neck and women to wear ankle-length skirts.

A white polo shirt always looks good, whether it’s worn under a blazer or with a pair of beach shorts. It suits both men and women and it is just formal enough to past muster for the office and yet it’s perfect casual clothing for a barbecue or a day on the beach.

Keeping a white polo shirt white is easy too, because unlike other white summer clothing, notably linen, it barely creases and can handle a tough wash to remove those famous summer stains: grass from sitting in the park in your lunch break, ice-cream from the quick Cornetto you grabbed at the end of the day and barbecue sauce from the TGIF party your best mate threw.

Above all though, a white polo shirt flatters most figures – a short and less than svelte person looks just as good in a white polo shirt as the tallest, leanest, tennis player. So while you don’t have to be Andy Murray to get away with wearing this classic item of summer clothing, it might make you feel as if you were him!

2008 October 9

At polo-shirts.co.uk we strive to please our customers, and we invite everyone who purchases from us to give us feedback that will help us improve our customer service. We’re delighted with our latest google rating – which is measured entirely independently – which tells us that we’ve achieved 4.8 out of 5 from our Google checkout users.

Of course we already knew that we were giving people what they wanted, at prices they valued, with service that exceeded their expectations, because our customers told us so in the comments they left for us on our comments page but it’s great to have an outside confirmation that we’re meeting our aims.

And we’re not taking our success lightly, we intend to continue improving our offering and our service so that everybody who buys from us continues to be as happy as our past customers have been.

2007 June 11

The £10 off orders of more than £30 promotion is now over.

We appreciate all the customers who took part in the promotion.

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2007 May 31

Note: This offer has now expired.

For a limited time only we are offering a £10 discount to buyers using Google checkout.

To earn a £10 discount, buyers who haven’t signed up for Google Checkout in the past must sign-up for Checkout on Google or on a Google Checkout merchant web site such as www.polo-shirts.co.uk. To redeem the £10 discount, buyers need to make a purchase of at least £30 Inc Vat, (not including delivery charge). The discount is automatically deducted from the order at checkout. It is as simple as that.

You can even use google checkout on discounted, end of line and sale items. Talk about unbelievable value . Using the £10 discount, £30 you could buy the following items from our special offers:

52 Ladies Vests
17 Northquay Shirts available in XXL or XXXL
17 Northquay Polo-shirts
70 Childrens baseball caps
17 Pairs of mens boxer shorts

We don’t sell cheap T-shirts or cheap Polo-shirts. These prices are on top quality clothing from leading manufactures such as Fruit of the Loom and Hanes and which have been reduced in price to clear them from our warehouse.

Click here for more information on our special offers.
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2007 May 19

Google Checkout makes it quicker and easier to shop across the web. You use the same user name and password for all merchants that accept Google Checkout. This means that you select your products and order with just one or two clicks. If you are using Google Checkout for the first time, you only have to fill out a single page of information to make your first purchase. After that, you just need to enter your Google Checkout login to make a purchase. There is no need to re-enter your purchase information or create multiple user names and passwords each time that you buy from different sites. Payments are processed by Google meaning that consumers don’t share credit card details with merchants using the system. When you buy with Google Checkout, you can track all orders from all merchants in one place and shop with confidence knowing that Google protects you from unauthorised purchases. For more information click here Google Checkout Logo