2013 March 22

Uneek_High_Visibility_Jacket_modelWith snow already falling across the north, and floods in the west country, the UK is suffering extreme weather conditions. It’s being called Foul Friday, but don’t let it ruin your weekend – it’s still possible to look good in tough weather but it takes a little more work:

•    While rain depresses the spirits, snow changes the colour of the landscape and affects the way we look in our clothes. In both cases, aim for light cool tones – unless you are working outdoors, when high visibility clothing is essential to keep you save in difficult conditions. Otherwise, try to keep to pale blues, light clear yellows, spring shades of green and heather/marl mixes of lavender pink or grey – these tones lift the skin and give a glow in a white out.

•    Start from the basics and work outwards.  Good socks, good boots and good underwear are essential to get you through tough weather conditions. Boxers work for men, and women might like to consider thermal shorts or leggings to avoid that ugly goosepimply look.

•    Gloves are great too – numb hands cause accidents and cold fingers are not sexy. Fingerless gloves are good for those who can’t afford the new screen-affecting iGloves which allow operation of Ipads and smartphones.

•    A hat stops the rattail hair that is so unattractive when wet and even more ugly as it dries in clumps – slouch caps and oversize tams have been a big winter hit but for a more springlike look, try a close fitting knit hat. Women can pincurl their hair under such a hat with hairgrips to get a great ‘bed hair’ look when they take it off.

•    Steer clear of any jacket or coat made of suede or denim, fun fur is good for snow, but has a horrible mangy dog look in rain and wool coats, whilst warm and snug, can produce an unpleasant aroma as they warm up after getting damp.

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