2013 February 11

Kustom_Kit_Mens_Workforce_ButtonDown_Short_Sleeve__27_275Now I’m sure most guys aren’t regularly consulting Confessions of a Fashionista, but today’s post is a really interesting one as it explains how to decide what to wear to London Fashion Week. That’s probably not top of many men’s bucket lists either, but the principles applied to the decision-making process are definitely transferable.

The first thing is to dress from the ground up – shoes are the most important part of any outfit and getting the right shoes to work with the rest of your clothes, and the event, is crucial. That gin advert with Philip Glenister wearing trainers and a suit to a dinner party is exactly what doesn’t work. Many men think quirky shoes and odd socks are endearing – they aren’t, they imply you dressed in the dark and/or only have one pair of said garments. Make sure your underwear is well-fitting too – saggy baggy skivvies just make your trousers look like you slept in them!

Fashionista makes a big deal of the bag – once again this isn’t central to most men’s thinking, but a good bag, if you have to carry stuff, is much better than bulging pockets or a manky old carrier. The messenger bag is classic and works in almost any environment.

Then you do get to let your creativity soar a bit. It’s a good idea to avoid TopShop special offer shirts if you’re going somewhere that you know many other men your age will be present – they’ve probably had the same ‘style on a shoestring’ idea as you and you’ll end up looking like a chorus line! Other than that, let rip – if the basics are right the outfit will work, but with poor basics, you’ve no chance of pulling it together.

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