2013 January 29

Fruit_of_the_Loom_Hoody_20_662Travelling for business or interviews can be demanding. How you look is important, but you need to be able to focus on creating a good impression, not on how you look. Increasingly universities and even companies ask candidates to ‘intern’ on a placement or job, by spending a long weekend or even, for popular courses at university, a week, in company with other applicants.  Here’s how to pack a week’s wardrobe that will allow you to deal with whatever the recruiters or selectors throw at you.
•    Formal shirt/Black shirt/White shirt
Three shirts will get you through – one should be bright coloured but long sleeved – it will work for dinners out or an evening dancing. A short sleeved black shirt looks good for a casual event like a quiz or bowling but under a jacket works perfectly for a formal dinner. A white shirt is your interview standby.
•    One T-shirt/one vest/one sweatshirt
You can substitute a hoodie for the sweatshirt, and if you pack one of each you’ve got every base covered, as well as the chance to layer them all if you go somewhere cold. Steer clear of any images or logos – this is not the time to express yourself!
•    One polo shirt
A pastel polo shirt allows you to attend a casual event like a breakfast meeting and know that you’re in the middle of the smart/casual divide. Worn with your formal trousers it is an acceptable look before noon. At lunch change into a shirt though.
•    One pair of jeans
Make them blue, conservative in cut, and not hanging from your hips.
•    One pair formal trousers – black is best
•    One formal jacket – black or grey
•    Formal shoes/Trainers
•    Swimming trunks/a tie/a knit hat.

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