2012 December 27

As the UK hits the sales, it’s a good point to step back and look at the fashion predictions for the year ahead, so that money isn’t wasted on misses rather than hits.

Spring 2013 is destined to start bright and end bold – the spring colours are bright primaries for both men and women but men in particular are expected to be wearing red, black and white, which makes for simple colour coordination and allows pretty well everything you buy to be worn with pretty well everything else. Big blocks of white are highly fashionable – a white hoody meets the bill, as do white jeans.

By the end of the year, those bold colours will be cropping up as stripes and even tartans, so think deck chair and you’ll have the perfect Christmas shirt or jumper! If you don’t particularly want to do a Noel Edmonds, then combining three strong colours in one outfit works well, and as the winter clothing is expected to be unstructured and natural fibres it’s easy to put together a fashionable winter look with a loose shirt over a cotton T-shirt teamed with sporty jeans and an unlined jacket.

The overall hair look tends towards mildly nostalgic with comb-overs, buzzcuts and Jedward style bouffants with lots of gel and mousse. Facial hair is heading towards clean-shaven again.

Shoes are dividing the fashion world for men: one side of the 2013 divide is in boots, particularly desert boots, while the other side is in pointed toes – even heading towards the winklepicker!

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