2012 December 17

Most men get clothes for Christmas, but that doesn’t excuse them from choosing appropriate garb themselves. Here are three key mistakes that are proving to be Xmas turnoffs this year:

1.    Shorts: it doesn’t matter if the sun is shining, shorts are not appropriate winter wear in the Western climate, unless you are running a marathon or Bradley Wiggins in training. Cargo trousers look just as sporty and spare the rest of the world the sight of your winter white and hairy legs. The other problem with Christmas shorts is that there is no appropriate footwear to accompany them. Instead get some Desert boots, Converse trainers or Vans skate shoes and pull on your jeans, chinos or cargos.

2.    Big bad hats: while furry hats with flaps are great for occasions like carol singing or tobogganing, they are not appropriate for sitting around in coffee shops, browsing car showrooms or taking your girlfriend on a romantic winter walk. Not appropriate for any man who wants to be taken seriously are hats with turkey feet, pig snouts or tails of any kind. Instead invest in a tight-fitting, neutral coloured beanie. For blue eyed guys, a white beanie can produce the ‘Paul Newman’ effect, well worth trying for if you have a lady to impress!

3.    Sloppy coats: everybody needs a coat, but sometimes the coat is something that comes out in September and vanishes again in March and is worn every day in between, regardless of weather or appropriateness. Often a coat is not required. If the weather is just wet, rather than cold, go for a waterproof jacket. If it’s cold, but not wet, many men look and feel better in a padded sleeveless fleece – it allows more range of movement and gives you the chance to layer clothes underneath. Avoid the Paddington Bear effect, leave the big hat and the big coat for Tom Baker’s Dr Who or truly bad weather days.

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