2012 November 19

Winter wardrobes are expensive – it’s difficult to look chic if you’re freezing cold and winter clothes have to be better made and of more substantial fabric to look good – unlike summer clothes where skimpy and flimsy can be highly attractive.  Here are three tips to make winter clothing choices that look expensive but don’t cost the earth.

•    Two jackets will double your wardrobe. A formal jacket in velvet or tweed (try vintage fairs or charity shops) and a sporty jacket in fleece or ski fabric will double your apparent wardrobe for the same money as one winter coat. Both can be worn with jeans or this years maxi skirts and can change their appearance totally.

•    Long-sleeved T-shirts are an ideal choice – worn with a waistcoat, poncho or a chunky scarf they look relaxed and still keep you warm and cosy, while paired with a tabard jacket, a silk scarf or an elegant brooch they give a classic feel to your outfit.

•    Buy or make a range of scarves, gloves and hats. Varying your outerwear accessories makes you look as if you have an unlimited wardrobe, and the same T-shirt and jeans, or boots and skirt, worn underneath, can look totally fresh by ringing the changes on your accessories.

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