2012 November 14

The weather’s changed, and wardrobes have to change too – the men who are still walking around in shorts, but with a hoodie over the top in the misguided impression this looks tough and macho, are as ancient and out of touch as dinosaurs. Wise men are gearing up for winter with a solid wardrobe that will take them through to spring with the minimum of fuss.

Jacket – a ski type jacket is a natural buy: it works for anything up to, but not including, a formal occasion, and right down the scale to picking up the milk on the doorstep. Bright colours and strong textures are in this year, so a blouson style jacket in a rich colour will be totally on trend.
Sweatshirts – a winter must, from the simple solid colours like black or blue, through to stripes or ringers, there are few winter occasions when a sweatshirt isn’t acceptable, just wear it under a formal jacket to dress up, or with jeans to dress down.
Shirt – stronger colours work for winter, so dark shirts are a good option but bright shirts can work too. Consider a tartan shirt under a white hoodie to give a nice Christmas feel without looking too much like a comedy act.
T-shirts – only work if worn under a jacket or sweatshirt or beneath a shirt; T-shirts in winter give the impression that either a ‘harder than the weather’ approach is being taken, or that you’re too cheapskate to buy long-sleeved tops!

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