2012 November 6

Really? Well according to Angela Kelly, who has been the queen’s personal dresser for nearly two decades, Queen Elizabeth II has ‘fantastic understanding’ of both clothes and fashion.

Apparently she knows what suits her, is cost conscious and wants to ensure that she doesn’t overspend to look good. Fabrics have to be tested to ensure they don’t crumple and look bad when they have been sat in.

Can the average Joe learn anything from this information?

Yes, actually. Three things:

1.    Know what suits you – fashion’s great and if you’re One Direction you might be able to get away with the retro haircut, statement knitwear, puppy cuddling level of fashion forward that some guys fall for, but generally that’s a really dangerous road to take. If you have a pencil neck then don’t wear V neck T-shirts, if you have a pot belly, slim fit polo-shirts are not your friend. You know it, and no amount of fashion hyping of a particular trend will make that trend work for you.
2.    Don’t overspend – a jacket should cost no more than a seat at a premier league game: more than that and you’re heading for a place where the garment has a higher credit rating than you do! Well, maybe not, but when you’re hesitating about spending ‘that much’ on one item of clothing, it may be better to spread that money over a range of items: eg six decent T-shirts, new socks and pants that will upgrade your entire look, not leave everything else you own looking tatty by comparison to your fashion icon garment.
3.    Test the fabric – you may not have a dresser to crumple things for you, but you can examine the washing instructions and make sure that you do what the label says – it can increase the life of a T-shirt by a year to wash it according to the instructions!

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