2012 October 30

Most British men have socks that are more than three years old, a survey by Socked.co.uk reports. So what, you may wonder?

The same research suggests that 90% of women are turned off by men who have cruddy underwear, so those men with their ancient, threadbare, cardboard hard socks are damaging their chances of a meaningful relationship.

Over 70% of men also say they wear odd socks if they can’t find a pair to that matches and that such slovenly behaviour has been commented on and they have still failed to do anything about their unmatching wardrobe.

Woollen clothing is big this year, from boot socks to trophy jumpers, but if you’re the kind of chap who doesn’t like wool or who has itchy skin as a result of wearing wool next to the skin, there are a couple of things you can do to get with the trend without suffering the scratchiness:

  1. Invest in classic coloured, ultra heavy sweatshirts – they have the same bulky outdoorsy profile as chunky wool jumpers but are easier to wear and launder.
  2. Go for reinforced toe socks to avoid holes in the toes and pick those with a silver component to stop odour.

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