2012 October 23

This is the ideal time of year to be buying clothes for winter sun holidays – particularly online as bargains in the T-shirt and shorts line are readily available. It’s also a great idea to be planning next year’s summer clothing with this year’s end of season sales on hand.

There’s no point trying to predict fashion: this year’s attendees at the Teen Vogue Annual Fashion University were warned about being predictors of fashion too far in advance and given insight into how difficult it is to plan a good wardrobe more than a season ahead, but classic items like cargo shorts can be fitted into any summer clothing plan.

Reliable fashion staples like white cotton T-shirts work brilliantly whether you’re layering them under ski-wear for a quick break off-piste, or packing them for nightwear during a winter cruise, or even planning them as beach cover-ups for a late break in the sun.

For women, and for men who are willing to learn, sites like Polyvore are brilliant for spotting workable trends – find a fashion bargain and then enter it into the search box – dozens, hundreds or thousands of sets will appear, featuring that item and giving many ideas of how to wear it, and what to wear it with.

Above all, it’s important to have a sense of your style, as well as your budget so that you can buy items now, often for less than half the price you’d pay in summer, that will still bring a smile to your face when the sunshine returns next year.

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