2012 October 2

It seems that dating is getting more casual, and so is date clothing. Just as New York Fashion Week, as usual, brought home the most casual of the clothing weeks, so first date etiquette is getting ever more casual, but that doesn’t mean there are no rules.

Fashion Week brought leisure and sports clothing to the forefront, but on a date one item of casual or sports attire is considered to be enough, for men. For women even one item, unless the date is actually a sporting occasion, is ‘too cas’ suggesting you are either blowing off your date or have low standards!

So a guy can get away with a hoodie, or a T-shirt but not both. A woman on a first date in jogging bottoms, or even yoga pants, risks being seen as too casual unless you are actually going for a jog in the park, walking your dogs together or meeting up at a sporting venue for a sports event.

Shorts are dodgy for men, but okay for women. Shorts if the weather is hot are just passable if a man has great legs and a good tan. For a woman, shorts with shoes are okay, with trainers not, and girl shorts with tights are fine in less good weather. Stay away from cut off denims though – both men and women should avoid them, according to dating experts, unless you are actually meeting at the beach.

Women should avoid wearing anything too suggestive. A camisole top is okay, but worn under a cardigan or unstructured jacket so you don’t have too much flesh on display, at least at the beginning of the date! And men should try to stick to wearing T-shirts without beer or football logos, and to leave the white socks at home, in favour of black or navy or even no socks at all.

Simplicity is key to first date success. One or two colours, nothing flashy for men or too floaty for women and comfortable shoes you can walk in easily for both sexes – you never know, you might want to get away in a hurry!

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