2012 September 3

Six tips to make university life more simple, productive and fun!

1.    Keep hold of loose change and store it somewhere discreet – everybody wants it for vending machines, photocopiers and washing machines/dryers – so if you leave yours lying around your room, your mates will help themselves!

2.    Buy a hanging rack for drying your smalls – you can put it in the wardrobe if anybody fit comes to visit your room and even hang it outside your window on nice days when you’re in residence, but don’t leave it there when you go out or it will either blow away or get kidnapped by somebody else and used to tease you.

3.    Keep your mobile number and email off uni sites and social networks – not everybody can be trusted with your details.

4.    Lay out your clothes, toothbrush and other stuff before you go out drinking for the night. That way if you come home wrecked, everything’s ready for the morning and you and your sick head just have to walk through what you got ready before you were bladdered.

5.    Check out the uni website to get some idea what people wear/do/say but don’t trust it – those sites are usually fairly carefully supervised. Keep back some cash for a quick wardrobe upgrade (or downgrade) and a haircut just in case you want to change your style to feel more part of the crowd.

6.    Buy online – everything from paper to books to clothes and food – impulse buying ruins budgets and it’s much better to shop around, from the privacy of your room, for cheap clothing, bargain food and half price stationery than to rush into buying something because your mates are egging you on.

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