2012 August 29

Many parents are ready for their kids to return to school, even if the youngsters are not thrilled by the idea.  It’s an expensive process though, and many children seem to shoot up in the summer holidays, so that uniforms that seemed likely to fit for another couple of months now can’t be buttoned!

Cheap school uniform items have two levels of appeal  – the price in itself is enticing to parents who are feeling the pinch, but also the ability to buy cheaply when children grow fast means that instead of having to alter clothing that is too big, but purchased to allow room for growth, two sets of clothing can be bought.

However, there are more considerations than price. Uniform items have to be washed regularly and cheaper materials can both fade and sag, looking old and unsightly far quicker than higher quality fabrics.  Cheap items may also have a skimpier cut, which can lead to seams, collars and cuffs fraying.

Investing in good quality staples such as plain polo shirts, sports shorts and socks can help families weather the back to school process. It’s good to have spare items, particularly for sportswear which can easily be forgotten, lost or left at school.

New clothing can also provide an incentive for children to want to return to school and allowing them to either shop in town, with a treat such as afternoon tea as part of the process, or to shop online if they don’t want to travel to the shops, can help them to feel that the return to school is an exciting event, not a chore.

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