2012 August 7

Flags – everywhere on everything – yes even your skivvies. Flag-bearing underwear, casual wear and even formal wear is bringing the flag and pennant theme home for autumn. While Union Jacks and England flags are ridiculously popular, and Jamaican flag colours are definitely selling out in ringer T-shirts and polo-shirts, the exclusive look is likely to feature sailing flags and pennants spelling out messages and its being spotted on short-sleeved shirts and the lining of casual jackets. Raincoats and waterproof tops are turning up with (ha ha) Welsh flags and dragons in their linings …

Blindingly bright neon is also a big feature of autumn fashion with angry bird T-shirts turning up everywhere but especially for the under tens and unisex clothing such as sporty polo-shirts and athletic print T-shirts is key to the teen look this year – worn alongside checks and tartan, with jeans for boys and leggings for girls, this look is finished off with dayglo high-top trainers or, for the truly fashion conscious, five-fingered trainers.

Starting to appear in some shops are leotard style dresses with a flouncy skirt, although whether they will make it through to adult fashion is debatable: it’s an unforgiving look. More likely to succeed with the masses is the skin-tight camisole top in ‘gymnastic colours’ such as bright red, fuchsia pink or royal blue which is being worn with jogging trousers and ballet pumps during the day and layered chiffon skirts for the evening.

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