2011 May 5

It’s really difficult to create perfect outfits if you don’t know the basics and because men are never given ‘grooming advice’ any more (unless they attend one of those few schools that seem to supply almost all our politicians, lawyers and thinkers) most guys spend all their time not shopping, not coordinating and not feeling good about what they wear.

Pick a colour, (almost) any colour

As long as you pick from the classic range: grey, black, navy, beige or chocolate brown, you’ve got it made. This is your base colour and in deciding which one to pick, it’s good to look at your hair colour. Black hair should avoid black, red hair should avoid brown and beige, grey hair should avoid grey. Other than that, just choose one from this basic palette.

Matching is not rocket science

Spend your money on what will last you a lifetime. One really good well-fitted (if necessary get it tailored to your body) single-breasted jacket in your chosen colour and two pairs of leather shoes, one brown, one black, both lace-up. Those three items are the spine of your clothing success.

Casual is king

Now choose your other most casual items: polo-shirts, T-shirts, shorts and sportswear, from the darkest end of your chosen colour, so that’s navy blue for the blues, charcoal for the greys, deep brown for both beige and chocolate. Black, natch, is black.

The lighter end of your spectrum is for more formal clothing: cotton shirts, ties, belts, and so on.

This gives you a range of clothing that ALWAYS works together.

Choosing made easy

If you really can’t work out how to look good, the rules are simple.

1.    Stick to your base colour.
2.    Never choose an item that doesn’t contain your base colour to at least 50% of the item’s surface area.
3.    Only wear one pattern at a time.

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