2011 March 9

If you’re one of the 47% of men and women who say that their working day starts with the stress of deciding what to wear, finding it, and then getting dressed at break-neck speed because you’re running late, help may be at hand.

Two young Irish designers understand your frustration. They have created a new form of clothes hanger, in plastic, that they say ‘slips in and slips in and out of garments as easily as a deer speeds gracefully through the wilds of Africa’ – which is why they’ve called it the Gazelle’ and it’s just won the Easy to Use Design Awards in Dublin. Their design has already been patented across Europe and they are talking to a number of manufacturers about mass production. Soon you will be able to slip your polo-shirt from the hanger more swiftly than you can decide which polo to wear.

Until the gazelle hits the shops, you can speed up your morning by:

1.    Hanging up your clothes and putting them in cupboards in a colour-coordinated fashion – put all the whites together, and all the blues, and so on. You have more time to do this in the evening and at weekends and simple colour coordination makes it easier to find what you want in the morning, when you are short of seconds, let alone minutes, to rummage.
2.    Arranging shoes on racks, with a sock inside each shoe, when you put them away. This means your socks and shoes always coordinate and you don’t have to spend ages seeking out the matching shoes. It also keeps your shoes looking good longer.
3.    For maximum efficiency, put your clothes away as complete outfits. Put a shirt, trousers or skirt and jacket all on one hanger, with the right shoes underneath and the right underwear on top of the shoes. That way you just get up and dress each morning. Takes more time over the weekend but saves a lot of time in the working week.

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