2011 February 15

As the future Princess Kate is put through beauty boot camp and foreign policy training to allow her to function as a princess, more than £50,000 is apparently being spent on helping her learn such skills as shaking hands and walking up stairs. She’s also getting massage, dental treatment and lots of posture training, and – of course – a wardrobe makeover.

To get the Kate look yourself, invest in some extremely well-fitting jeans, tall boots (but not cowboy boots, apparently the new style team have outlawed them) and some pale blue and pink tops worn with tailored jackets and silk scarves.

A typical English rose like Kate can wear quite strong colours but she sticks to quite a lot of beige and grey, preferring to keep bright and deep shades for her accessories. The white handbags have apparently been banned too, with natural and nude shades replacing them.

Tailored shirts are worn to polo matches, under tweed jackets, but with good jeans and a superb quality pair of boots, if not hand-made, then definitely the top of the designer range. Coats for casual wear are rugged rather than thin, to protect the crossover silky tops that Kate favours.

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