2011 February 8

Jeremy Hackett, co-founder of Hackett, the classic clothing expert, says that the rugby shirt could be this year’s big hit, because, he says, there’s ‘a nostalgia for the authentic and original shirt made from heavy duty cotton’ which is partly a response to the fact that the modern rugby shirt as worn by international sportsmen is no longer cotton, nor heavy duty.

The slimline, collarless item worn to play the game bears no resemblance to the old-school shirt and that’s freed up the traditional cotton garment to become a retro-classic.

There’s a versatility to the rugby shirt that’s rare: it’s got a collar so you can (just) wear a tie with it. It’s long-sleeved so it passes as smart casual, unlike the short-sleeved polo shirt, you can wear it over a vest or T-shirt like a jumper, and it’s sexy when worn by a woman, particularly if she’s borrowing it after staying the night!

It’s also one of those unusual garments that allows a man to wear a ‘feminine’ colour such as pink, purple or baby blue, without being considered effeminate. Don’t ever tuck it in though, that’s a fashion faux pas.

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