2010 November 30

If you want to look casual and chic at the same time, invest in making a capsule wardrobe so that your clothes give the impression that you’re a polished fashionista with a thousand looks. Here are five tips to capsule wardrobe success for winter:

1. Buy the best coat you can afford – a badly fitting coat makes you look terrible before you even get into the room, let alone reveal the perfect outfit you’re wearing underneath. Go with a long coat for winter, either trench or flared, and a shorter jacket that can be worn with jeans and leggings – choose a light-coloured jacket and dark coloured denim to have a slimming effect.

2. T-shirts are classic if you pick muted colours and funky if you go for bright colours and bold patterns – always team bold tees with flat shoes: heels with prints look too eighties for style success.

3. Add interest to a basic outfit with a skinny belt: leopard-skin works with navy and black, zebra with cream, grey and yellow and natural leather with all other colours.

4. Scarves, hats, gloves and belts all add interest but need to be coordinated with care – anything too bright can look clownish while dark colours are liable to look like uniform wear.

5. Accessories rule the fashionista wardrobe: buy jewellery, antique scarves and other fun items on ebay, etsy or from art students and craftspeople so you don’t look mass produced.

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