2010 November 25

Casual winter wear is an investment, there’s no doubt about it – while you can get away with dirt cheap summer clothing, if you buy on the cheap side in winter, you’re the one who freezes, or gets soaked as a result. Winter clothes just have to be better made, from more substantial fabrics, for them to keep out the chills.

You can still look stylish without spending a fortune, by choosing the right accessories and dressing to suit your own shape. If you are a little on the large side, choose long-line sweatshirts or hoodies worn with a thin but insulating fleece over the top – this adds warmth without bulk and the longer length of the undergarment has a slimming effect. If, on the other hand, you’re very slim, choose a padded jacket in a bright colour like red or yellow and wear it over a white hoodie: bright colours make you look bigger and ‘white under bright’ is a way of giving your body substance.

If you’re a girl with a short neck or a double chin, stay away from hats with earflaps, instead choose a beanie or knit cap and wear a scarf with a large brooch pinned at around breast height. The detail of the brooch draws the eye down and adds length to your neck.

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