2010 September 14

68 year old Britt Ekland says she’s a devotee of casual clothing. And that while she will wear designer clothing when required, like for her recent role as part of the jury at the Edinburgh Film Festival, she prefers ‘relaxed casual clothes’.

For a woman of nearly seventy she looks fantastic, and in part she puts it down to her simple dressing style wearing ‘mostly … jeans and trousers’ and having give up high heels after breaking her ankle.

She does have clothing rules though. She never wears purple or blue (unless it’s jeans of which she has around thirty pairs) and she things women who’ve reached a certain age should never ‘go sleeveless because of the dreaded bingo wings’.

She owns at least thirty T-shirts too, and bases her wardrobe around white clothing, punctuated with black, brown and army green.

Getting the Britt Look

Pick your palette colour: white, grey, black or brown and then link all your other clothing to it. Britt wears long-sleeved white tops to highlight her light Nordic colouring and cover up those bingo arms, and teams that base shade with the brown and green shades that flatter her skin.

Black is great if you are not Ekland slim, but keep it away from your face unless your colouring is very strong, as it drains colour from the features. Black trousers work well with brighter shades and teaming casual with more decorative details gives the layered look for which Ekland was famous – try jeans with an embroidered shirt or a simple hoodie with a swirling skirt and flat boots for country casual perfection.

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