2010 September 9

Esquire’s autumn fashion pundit says that orange is the new black, tartan (okay, they call it plaid, but we know what they mean) is the new denim and lace-up military boots are the biggest thing since flip-flops.

We all know that what happens on the catwalk has very little to do with most of us, especially when it comes to masculine fashion. So far, nobody’s tried to get Wayne Rooney to wear a skirt but it takes somebody of Beckham or Bowie stature to force a change in male styles, but there’s always a fashion trend or two that slides into public awareness.

Orange is probably going to get in under the radar this year. It’s been turning up on so many catwalks that it seems a very good bet for fashion success this autumn and winter. The way to wear it is as a polo-shirt or a scarf. Orange is being teamed with grey, especially grey flannel, so if you’re buying a suit or a smart jacket, pick a grey one to work with your orange casual clothing.

This year’s polo-shirts are being worn under V-necked sweaters, especially patterned V-neck ones, but also beneath grey sleeveless fleeces, rather than a bulky jacket. This gives a slimmer and more athletic silhouette which can best be matched with slimline trousers and fingerless gloves and a ski cap to keep the extremities warm.

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