2010 April 29

There’s a Bank Holiday coming up which means that British men up and down the country are hoping to hit the beach or park to catch a few rays and maybe – if they’re single – catch the eye of a pretty girl. But a recent survey for menswear retailers reveals that women think British men are the worst dressed men on holiday, so impressing a potential partner with your summer clothing is important to making the right first impression.

What to avoid: heavy metal band T-shirts, anything so faded that the design can no longer be made out, baggy shorts and un-ironed track trousers. These, along with baseball caps worn backwards, are the worst beach fashion crimes men can commit according to the single women surveyed.

What to wear: pressed shorts – cargo shorts and neat chino shorts, with sandals or trainers but no socks – that’s what impresses women, apparently. You’re your smart shorts with a crisp white T-shirt or, if you’re the kind of man who isn’t confident about keeping a white tee clean all day, with a grey or navy blue one. Black T-shirts were described as ‘player clothing’ by many women or ‘dandruff monitors’ but others, and you don’t want either label!

For barbecues and evening drinks, shorts are out – men should wear smart casual trousers or dark jeans, and either a neat polo-shirt or a sweatshirt or hoodie. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt is a way of remaining single as the female sex say that men in bright baggy shirts are not romantic.

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