2009 December 17

UC601The snow has arrived across most of the UK, just in time for everybody who’s planning a long journey, by plane, car or train, to reach their friends and family in time for Christmas.  When the weather turns bad, it’s essential to ensure that you’re dressing appropriately for comfort and safety.

If you’re travelling by car, think about the age and condition of those travelling with you: young children and the elderly suffer much more from cold and can find it difficult to keep warm in the way that the fit and active adult does. If your car breaks down, it can be very difficult to keep warm, so ensure everybody in the car has a hat and gloves, a scarf and a jacket, so that they don’t lose too much heat through their extremities or through their core body temperature dropping.

If you’re driving, think about comfort and safety – something like a pair of jog pants is ideal clothing as it allows you to stay warm in the car, but also to get out for whatever reason, from scraping ice from the windscreen to checking the tyres, without worrying about getting messy.

If you’re travelling by car, train or plane, ensure you have layered your upper clothing. One big jumper is no good if you get stuck in a hot airport, whereas a hoodie with a T-shirt underneath allows you to take your top layer off when you’re hot and put it back on again when you go outside and it’s cold. A fleece jacket is an ideal top garment as it offers great insulation without adding weight or reducing your mobility.

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