2009 December 12

UC203There’s nothing like a cosy sweatshirt to give you the Christmas feeling – cotton clothing is always comfortable and easy to wear but the special styling of a sweatshirt is uniquely designed with comfort in mind. The elasticated cuffs and hem ensure that there are no chill breezes to blow inside the clothing and drop your body temperature, but the weave of the shirt allows heat to radiate away if you go from outside to in and suddenly find yourself in an uncomfortably warm situation.

Ideally a sweatshirt should be roomy enough to allow you to fit a vest or camisole underneath for really bad weather, but not so roomy that it is difficult to wear a winter jacket over the top. Because different manufacturers have different styles, it’s a good idea to find the style and size that’s right for you and invest in a few sweatshirts in a range of colours. Those with lower necks are even good to fit a shirt underneath, so that you can really layer your clothing!

Because a sweatshirt is a solid colour, it’s really important to get the right shade for you – blue suits almost everyone, but those with pale skin might want to steer away from yellow and grey which can make them look pallid, while rosy cheeked types can find red sweatshirts make them look a bit too pink in the face for comfort.

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  • Sweatshirts&hellip
    January 6th, 2010 at 6:21 am

    My wife have the same colour sweatshirt, that really fit her perfectly. Sweatshirt from Polo is no compromising quality.

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