2009 November 5

pink poloIf you’re heading away for a winter sports holiday, it can be difficult to work out what to pack for the trip. Of course the dedicated sports clothing is easy, whether it’s ski gear, snow-boarding, or a bit of winter shooting, but it can be hard to guess what to take for evening wear.

Winter holidays seem to be requiring a little more effort and attention than summer holidays, when flip-flops and a pair of shorts over your swimwear will get you through all but the most formal occasions. But don’t get carried away – the cable-knit sweater and scarf ensemble can look a little Lord of the Manor. Long-sleeved T-shirts under a wind-deflecting fleece or jacket will keep your core body temperature up for drinks on a snowy but bright day, and polo-shirts beneath a smarter jacket manage to straddle the smart/casual divide with ease.

Make sure you’ve packed something for silly times like making snow angels or digging a stuck car out of a snowdrift –a pair of jog pants and a loose hoodie are idea as you can put them on over more formal clothing just in case you need to walk somewhere that you’ll want to look a bit smarter when you arrive.

Because winter days are short, brighter colours have the effect of making you look better than pale ones, so choose red, pink and bright blues and greens, but stay away from yellow shades if you’re feeling pale and weedy, as anything yellow in tone will make you look yellow too. A red sweatshirt or hoodie will give colour to your cheeks until the winter sunshine tops up your tan, and blues will bring out the whites of your eyes to suggest that you’re in top holiday form, so choose a blue jacket for outdoor trips.

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  • Womens's Sport Clothing&hellip
    February 10th, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    What’s your opinion on the latest trends in sport’s clothing: bright colors and crazy/will patterns. Should they be used by less younger women?

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