2009 November 2

black tIt’s no accident that cotton clothing appears in nearly every wardrobe in the world: whether as  a T-shirt, polo-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt or more formally as a shirt. It’s because cotton clothing is versatile, easy to wear and easy to launder.

The versatility of cotton clothing comes from the way that you can change its appearance: a plain black T-shirt worn with jeans and trainers is definitely casualwear, but the same black T-shirt, teamed with a pair of smartly ironed trousers, polished boots and a formal jacket is smart-casual, bordering on smart. And because cotton clothing like T-shirts and polo-shirts is easy and inexpensive to care for, it can be worn again and again in a thousand different ways, unlike more expensive dry-clean-only clothing which can soon show wear if not expensively laundered.

If you want to get the best from your cotton garments, invest in some good accessories to help you ring the changes on your clothing. A range of vests that you can wear under your more formal cotton shirts helps make them look more casual, while plain leather belts, shoes and boots can turn polo-shirts into smart clothing. Women find it even easier to use accessories to wear the same garment different ways: scarves, jewellery and hair accessories can totally alter the appearance of a T-shirt from cute and casual to high-fashion formal without changing the T-shirt!

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