2009 October 15

UC104With the World Cup coming up, many a fan is about to invest in a commemorative team shirt and will want to both wear it and keep it perfect. The collectors who invest in such clothing never even open the packet, so they can sell their shirt in ‘mint’ condition but the true fan wants his polo-shirt or team T-shirt to be on his back as he watches the match – and he also wants it to be in a condition that means he can pass it on to his son or daughter as a treasured memento.

Perhaps you have a favourite T-shirt or polo-shirt you want to keep looking good. Maybe it’s the polo-shirt you were wearing when you met the love of your life, or the lucky polo-shirt that got you through your college exams – either way, you can use a few simple rules to keep your casual clothing looking great.

Wash favourite garments inside out, and if you’re using a washing machine use a cool setting rather than hot which can damage printed T-shirts over a long time period.

One of the problems that sometimes happens with a polo-shirt is that the collar starts curling, to avoid this there are several things you can do:

•    Wash your polo shirts inside out and on a cool setting as above. If you use a tumble dryer, take them out while they are still slightly damp and smooth them into shape before finishing the drying on a hanger on the washing line.
•    When they are dry, fold polo shirts and T-shirts like shops do and put them in a drawer, because hanging them can stretch the shoulders which both makes them baggy and can cause collars on polo shirts to warp.
•    If your collar has already begun to curl, iron it dry using a damp cotton cloth over the shirt and a short spray of starch to get it back into shape. From now on when you wash it, fasten all the collar buttons on the polo-shirt before washing to help the collar hold its shape.

Follow these rules and your T-shirts and polo shirts will stay looking great for years.

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