2009 September 17

UC102Most people these days have a couple of polo-shirts in their drawer or wardrobe – it’s become a standard item of clothing from tots to OAPs and it’s worn by everybody from sportsmen to company staff to nursing assistants to yummy mummies walking the family spaniel after doing the school run.

So wearing polo-shirts is pretty universally acceptable, but making good clothing choices can change your average polo shirt from a bland item to a fashion statement.

For women, it’s been traditional to pick pastel colours and more feminine styles, but in the past couple of years a more formal shape of polo shirt has become available for women, in brighter colours or with contrasting trim, to give their polo-shirt wearing a cutting edge appeal.

For men, the pink polo is a recent development, and it’s been traditional for men to stick with standard colours: navy, white, black and maybe red, but now the polo-shirt comes in an amazing range of colours and styles. Shirt sizes have also increased so that the come in extra large and even XXXL shirts for the burlier man. This means that getting the right fit and cut is easier for everybody.

Polo-shirts look good under a jumper, but can also be worn well with a sleeveless fleece or with an informal jacket. This means that the polo-shirt can be worn year round, making it one of the most versatile forms of clothing around.

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