2009 September 14

steel toecap socksIt comes as news to many people that there are socks specifically designed for specific situations and specialist footwear.

Most of us have got used to the idea that there are sport socks that are engineered to stop the feet sweating and blistering and not to chafe, but did you know that there are special socks for many situations?

There are specially cushioned socks for work-wear, designed specifically for people who spend a lot of time on their feet and especially for those who are active on their feet: builders and loaders of vehicles, for example. These work socks are often called crew socks and are worn to protect the feet as well as keeping them cool, comfortable and infection free.

Steel-toe boot socks are specially designed to offer both maximum comfort and maximum safety when wearing steel-toe capped boots or shoes – the best ones have reinforcement in both the heels and the toes, an arch support which offers extra comfort and supports the foot during long hours spent standing, and an antibacterial finish, because one problem with steel-capped footwear is that it is prone to making feet both smelly and more liable to fungal infections.

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