2009 August 28

school girlsIf you’re little one is heading for school for the first time, or changing schools this year, it can be nerve-wracking to send them off to a new place. And if your own first day at school wasn’t fun, you probably expect the worst. Here are a few tips to help you, and your child, cope with the first day of term:

Food – most schools have strong rules about eating, but make sure that your child’s school-bag or backpack has some high protein snacks in convenient pockets: almonds and raisins are good, as are yoghurt covered fruit and nuts or some snack size cheese portions. Many children get low blood sugar mid-morning and mid-afternoon and having something to snack on can restore their sugar levels and their energy.
Clothes – it’s very important that kids conform to uniform rules … but it’s also important for him or her to fit in. Instead of buying everything on the school uniform list, buy the minimum and see what your son or daughter comes home complaining about – often you’ll find that only newbies wear a certain listed item and that the ‘cool kids’ have a more generic clothing code like a black sweatshirt instead of the school’s own black jumper, or a plain white polo-shirt is worn for after-school games rather than the monogrammed one that the school said would be needed. If you haven’t overspent, you can then buy these items and allow your child to feel he or she fits in.
Kit – new pens and pencils are the only compensation a kid feels about heading back to school, so even if last year’s stationery and equipment is still okay, splurge a bit for them to feel they’ve got some lovely stuff to show off.

And don’t overdo it when they get home – if you act as if they’ve done something amazing, they will expect to be greeted like a returning hero every afternoon. Just give them a little treat and a low key welcome home.

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