2009 July 28

womens green poloWomen have come to love the simple, classic, polo shirt as much as men, but for women there are ways to wear the polo that really make it into a fashion statement – here’s a brief round up of what you can do to turn a simple polo shirt into a show stopping outfit:

•    Use a scarf: scarves are big this summer, especially floaty, hippy type scarves, so use a couple to dress up your polo shirt by wearing the shirt with a long skirt and then twisting one scarf to make a rope belt that you tie round the waist of the shirt, while the other you twist and wear round your hair like a headband.

•    Wear a waistcoat: this is a great way to give a polo shirt some pizzazz – just add a contrasting waistcoat over the top to give a more formal impression.

•    Wear a vest T-shirt on top: low cut vests in contrasting colours can make a polo shirt look very boho – just put the T-shirt on over the polo shirt and make sure you leave the polo neck completely unbuttoned, it looks very casual and cute.

•    Wear it under cashmere: for instant style, pair a soft-toned women’s polo-shirt with a v-neck cashmere sweater or a button-up cashmere cardigan. It’s a bit like a twin-set but more modern.

All of these add a twist to the classic polo shirt.

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