2009 July 11

FruitLoom_Lady_Fit_Valueweight_TShirt_modelFounded in 1851 and registered as a trademark in 1871, Fruit of the Loom is one of the world’s oldest retail brands and it’s famous for its age, its stability and the way that the brand has expanded across the world and into new areas (in 2007, for example, it began to manufacture women’s underwear.

Perhaps the two most famous aspects of Fruit of the Loom though, are its logo, which was adapted from a painting produced by the daughter of one of its customers in 1856, and its guarantee: If you are not satisfied with any Fruit of the Loom product, return it to Fruit of the Loom. You will receive a new one, if available, or your money back.

Perhaps most famous for its T-shirts, Fruit of the Loom clothing is equally valuable when used for uniform and promotional clothing. This is because the unconditional guarantee, plus the excellent value for money, make Fruit of the Loom garments cost-effective as well as being stylish and durable.  This makes it the first choice of many schools, allowing children to enjoy wearing stylish uniform or sports clothing while their parents can relax, secure in the knowledge that the keen pricing means it won’t cost a fortune to replace items as they are outgrown.

Fruit of the Loom also produces a great range of T-shirts and polo-shirts suitable for use as promotional clothing.

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