2009 July 6

black-poloA black polo shirt is a hybrid clothing item. Its white cousin is clearly sportswear and can only get away with being worn to work in casual environments but a black polo shirt somehow manages to be more formal – this means that everybody from students to salesmen, musicians to ministers, can wear a black polo shirt and make it their own. It has universal appeal and universal versatility.

How to wear a black polo shirt

Because it can be worn with jeans or shorts and look ultra casual, it’s easy to forget that with a little more thought, the black polo can be worn in much more formal situations. With a formal jacket and a pair of beige or grey trousers it can be worn to many social events and in Asia, in particular, the tendency to wear a polo shirt with a tie is well-developed, because it looks just formal enough for business whilst being much cooler and more comfortable than a formal shirt.

Varieties of polo shirts

Long-sleeved polo shirts also look good in black and are often more worn in winter, when they look great with a fleece or just a scarf knotted around the neck, to give a little extra warmth once the weather turns chilly.  A black long-sleeve polo shirt is a particularly good present for a college attending student, whether male or female, because it’s as good worn for kicking back as for interviews for campus jobs.

In fact, because polo shirts are relatively cheap, very hard-wearing, and useful as clothing all year round, and in many settings, they can be one of the best investments that are made in developing a good set of clothing.

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