2009 May 18

hoodieWhether you’re headed Woodstock, Big Green, Glasto or Wychwood, doing Leeds, Bath or Cornbury or even heading for Savannah, here’s what you need to do to look right, and feel right, in tentland.

Dress from the top down or the ground up

When aiming to look good at a festival think top to bottom or bottom to top;. There are three things you can wear on your feet: trainers, Wellington boots or flip flops and three things you can wear on your head: a baseball cap, a beanie hat or a sunhat. Anything else, at either extreme, will look very dodgy.  If you’re wearing trainers, any of the hats is acceptable. If you’re wearing flip-flops you can wear the baseball cap or the sunhat, if you’re wearing Wellies, you can only wear the beanie.  In between is easy once you sort the head and foot rule out. Jeans and polo-shirts can be worn with any footwear, T-shirts can be worn with trainers and flip flops and hoodies and woolly jumpers can only be worn with Wellingtons.  See? Easy.

Festival High Fashion

If you want people to applaud you as a festival belle, then you’ve got to lok better than right, you’ve got to look great: for women, this year, it means form fitting T-shirts tucked into fitted shorts, with or without thick opaque tights, depending on the weather conditions. Nothing floppy works, style-wise, this year.

Born to Fest?

Jes Cartner Morley, writing in the Guardian says ‘Neither tents nor wellies should have flowers on them’ but actually I think she’s wrong. Her point is that to fit in, you should look as if you grew up going to Glasto and honed your teenage rebellions on the Rock Ness grass, but I reckon that today’s festivalgoers aren’t that insecure – they don’t care if your Mum and Dad used to hang with The Kinks or not, they just want to have a good time, so if flowers are what you want to sport, sport ‘em!

One thing that shouldn’t be overdone is the grunge look – despite what people say, you can wear white (but only on the first day you arrive, when a white hoodie with a front pocket looks great and helps you file all your tent pegs and other bits and bobs while you get settled in) and the mud looks just as good (or bad) on white clothing as any other colour, but torn T-shirts and jeans and grimy cut-off denims are just not good festival wear. A smart pair of cargo shorts looks much better and it just as handy for carrying things like toilet paper around!

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  • Lucy Calley&hellip
    July 19th, 2010 at 11:03 am

    Heels are a mustn’t as you will ruin them and hurt you poor chubby ankes and deformed feet Total Lol

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