2009 May 11

blue-poloBuying for the summer can be a minefield, especially if you don’t have a vast amount of money to waste, but it’s easy to choose what’s called a ‘capsule’ wardrobe, where you make each piece of clothing do more than one job, and where all the pieces work together to give you enough outfits to take you through to autumn.

Sweatshirts – if you like to be comfortable, you’re the kind of person who loves sweatshirts. Two sweatshirts will take you through the summer, a white one that is ideal as outerwear on a chilly day, or to put round your shoulders on a cool evening, and a navy blue or black sweatshirt for wearing on Sundays or lazy days when you can’t be bothered with anything else: they also work brilliantly for sitting on at picnics and trips to the beach.

Polo Shirts – combine comfort and a bit more formality, they can be worn for work or home and for sporting events like trips to the golf course, beach or just for a sunny day in town. Striped polos look stylish but not too uptight, if you need something for an evening barbecue or outdoor party. For women, teaming a polo shirt with a pair of jeans is dress-down while the same shirt with white trousers is magically dress-up!

White T-Shirtswhite tees have to be brilliant white, so you might want to get a couple of spares because everything from sun-tan lotion to burger grease can destroy their pristine style. Any neck shape or style is fine this year.

Shorts – make sure you have a pair of classic shorts that aren’t just cut-off denims, so that you can take part in football matches or jump in the river without looking daft. Women are best with cargo shorts as they are reasonably flattering to all figures. Men who really are lazy can get away with gym shorts as long as they are not too short-short.

Bright T-Shirts — staying in your comfort zone is bad in summer, so take a risk and buy some really jazzy T-shirts to show that you’re celebrating summer. This year’s top colours are bright yellow and aqua blue, but anything bright will help you feel the summer mood.

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