2009 April 28

m109s_lo2There’s no doubt we wear cotton because we love it, from our favourite old much-washed T-shirt that we wear to chill on Sunday mornings, to the brand new crisp white shirt that we buy for an interview, through to the coolest new hoody to impress our mates at the weekend.

And the best thing about our cotton clothing is how easy it is to look after. We shove it in the washing machine and then in the dryer and time and again it comes out looking great. Our T-shirt is snuggly, our white shirt is pristine and our cool hoody looks as good as new.

There are ways to keep cotton clothing looking fantastic – the good news is that most colours don’t fade even after repeated washings, although the very darkest colours used in T-shirts, such as black, navy and very deep browns and greens may lose some of their ‘edge’ over time. To keep deep colours looking great, wash the clothing inside out, try not to use very strong detergents and avoid tumble-dryers. It’s also a good idea with lighter weight cottons to only partially machine dry – if you want your clothing smooth and ready-to-wear, take it out of the clothing while it’s still a little damp, smooth it out and hang it on the line – finish the wash by air drying gives clothes that extra smoothness.

Cotton usually becomes more comfortable the more we wear it, and to preserve its softness, you can also wash your cottons with a couple of drops of white vinegar in the final rinse, which makes the fibres more fluffy. And if you get oil or grease on your beloved polo-shirt or sweatshirt, don’t panic. Simply pour undiluted washing up liquid on the grease spot, making sure it goes over the edges of the grease mark and leave for ten minutes to soak in before washing.

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