2009 March 2

klassic20poloSpring is typified by new growth, chilly sunshine and Easter which is a strange festival, because it’s movable – some years it’s early enough to count as winter, other years it’s late enough to be fully into spring. It’s also both a religious festival for Christians that often more or less coincides with a traditional and pagan celebration of the arrival of spring. And that makes it difficult to know what to wear.

Spring, in general, is a very difficult time of year for clothing choices – when one day is cold enough for thermal underwear and a woolly hat, the next is plenty warm enough to be outdoors in a T-shirt and jeans, with a baseball cap keeping the sun out of your eyes!

So what’s the best way to second-guess the weather, feel comfortable, and look smart at this time of year?

There are two key factors: colour and layering.

Colour is important – this the time of year to retire your navy and grey clothing and pull out the warming tones of cream, beige and even brown – match them with soft pinks, ice-blues, catkin-yellows and spring greens and your outfits will immediately look springlike, even if they are heavyweight clothing. As an example, pick a cream jacket to go over a thick sweater and it will look more summery than a navy blue one, even if the jackets are the same weight.

Layering is vital – what you want is to be able to remove and replace clothing without fuss, as the weather changes throughout the day. As an example, a gilet or sleeveless jacket over a long-sleeved rugby shirt or hoodie gives you a perfect balance of warmth and coolness. An alternative is to wear lighter inner clothing, such as a spring coloured  polo-shirt, with a scarf and a zipped hoodie or waterproof jacket – once again you can take layers off or add them back on without looking daft and you’ll always feel comfortable.

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