2009 January 7

We regret to announce that prices at polo-shirts.co.uk will be increasing. External forces are pushing this change upon us and it is one we have resisted for as long as possible. Only certain brands and products are impacted however, we are strongly against raising prices across the board and only increase prices where absolutely necessary. Suppliers increasing their prices are Fruit of the Loom , Gildan , Stedman , Fanshirt and UCC. We will endeavour to keep prices for products from these brands the same for as long as possible but unavoidably some will have to rise. Brands that remain unaffected include JHK, JT‘s, Mantis, Uneek and Kustom Kit.

Despite these minor price increases we have ensured that we still offer the best prices around, and in 2009 we will be offering our best ever sales, such as the current one in which you can get up to 85% off in our January Sale!!

There are several reasons for the increase in price for some our cotton-based polo shirts, t-shirts and fleeces – as you will probably have guessed most of them are a direct result of the continuing global credit crisis. One of the main reasons for the price rising is the startling demand for cotton. With considerably less planted than in previous years as farmers switch to more profitable crops, demand for cotton has skyrocketed and as a result its value has soared. As cotton is used heavily in the production of the t-shirts, polo shirts and promotionalwear we offer, this is a significant factor in the price we can offer you, the consumer. As well as having to pay over the odds for their raw cotton our suppliers have had to endure rising energy and fuel prices, which raise the cost of running any factory – be it producing t-shirts or TVs. On top of all of this the Sterling continues to fall dramatically against both the Euro and the Dollar; the exchange rate affects most UK businesses and wholesale clothing is no exception.

But whilst we are increasing prices on some t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, polo shirts and fleeces by no means all are affected, and you might even find those that are remain surprisingly cheap! We will continue to deliver on our promise of high quality garments at outstanding value and will remain the best place to find high quality bargains from basic plain t-shirts to sweatshirts and fleece jackets. With the credit crunch affecting all of us, buying value clothing such as our t-shirts for under £2 represents a great way of saving money in a difficult time. If you order in bulk you can save even more, as the more you buy the more you save. Now there‘s a great idea for spending your way out of the credit crisis!

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